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What you need to know about tire pressure monitoring system?

Nov. 9, 2020

By monitoring your tire pressure, you will be one step ahead of any problem on the road. Tires that are too flat can cause the rim to fall off the bead and tires that are too full can explode under high pressure.


Benefits of tire pressure monitoring systems
Check your tire pressure on the go. With tire pressure monitoring systems, you can check your tire pressure anytime, anywhere. If you feel like something is wrong with one of your tires, or if the handling doesn't feel right, your TPMS has a simple solution.


Rod gauge is not required. Small dial gauges are filled with air and then removed to indicate tire pressure. These devices are not as accurate or easily accessible as tire pressure monitoring systems.


Fits almost all tires. New vehicles are equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems. However, you can also connect a TPMS to a motorcycle, RV, fifth wheel, and even a trailer. There is almost no end to the types of vehicles that you can install a tire pressure monitoring system on.


Gain time. If you're not sure which of your tires are low and how low, tire pressure monitoring systems allow you to check and change your tire pressure as easily as checking your email.


No special tools are required. Tire pressure monitoring systems operate your vehicle. Once a tire technician installs them on your car's valve stems, they need to be adjusted. Other than your head unit, you don't need anything to check your vehicle's tire pressure.


Types of tire pressure monitoring systems
The most common form of tire pressure monitoring system in the aftermarket consists of a main unit and four valve stem caps. These little plugs fit over valve stems just like standard equipment valve stem plugs, except they can read the pressure at the valve from inside the tire. It is like putting a pressure gauge on the valve without releasing the air pressure. Theft-proof TPMS design valve stem caps often mimic the design of OEM caps, so you don't have to worry about them attracting thieves.


Tire pressure monitoring systems can also be mounted on the tire against the outside of the wheel. This type of tire pressure monitoring system is often referred to as a trapped TPMS because it sticks to the wheel frame. The stuck tire pressure monitoring systems are connected to the valve, but they control the pressure inside the tire. You cannot tell if a vehicle has a tire pressure monitoring system like TPMS with valve stem caps.

Best Brands
As part of the Minder Research family based in Stuart, Florida, TireMinder offers its customers a premium product for the aftermarket automotive industry. The TireMinder A1A TPMS is a product that you should definitely check out if you own a trailer.


Abilene, TX-based Bellacorp is committed to providing the best tire pressure monitoring system for all your needs. We recommend the Bellacorp Tire Pressure Monitoring System as it is compatible with passenger vehicles and a variety of other platforms.


Shenzhen Jansite Technology Co., Ltd. based in Guangdong, China, designs and manufactures electrical devices and vehicle accessories for mobile technologies. The goal is to make driving safe and comfortable for the driver. Established 10 years ago, the company's products are sold in more than 120 countries. Popular products are Jansite's Windshield Mounted TPMS and Jansite's Smart TPMS.


Main Features

Depending on the type of tire pressure monitoring system you choose, the best TPMS products should be easy to install. It only takes a few seconds to screw on the valve stem caps that indicate the tire pressure. If your tires are changed or rotated and balanced, the tire technician can easily add TPMS service for tire pressure monitoring systems.


Like everything that mounts to the exterior of your vehicle, you want your tire pressure monitoring system to last. This means it can withstand wet and dry conditions, hot and cold, and all kinds of additional wear and tear. The best tire pressure monitoring systems are made from tough materials where utility takes precedence over curb appeal.


The best tire pressure monitoring systems should give you accurate readings. It should not give false readings or error reports. The best TPMS unit reads pressure correctly the first time without you having to struggle to make sure you get to the point.


Manufacturers with the best tire pressure monitoring systems make their advertisements easy to read and understand. Whether you have four or more transmitters, each reading should clearly indicate the pressure in that tire and the location of that tire in relation to the rest of the vehicle.


The simplest tire pressure monitoring system only displays a pressure reading. However, the best tire pressure monitoring systems also come with a variety of modes that display much more than just a psi reading. Typical modes are High Temperature Warning and Quick Leak Warning, and Basic High and Low Pressure Warnings.


Other Considerations
Solar Power - Rather than using batteries regularly or replacing old tire pressure monitoring system transmitters, consider looking for solar powered devices. While they may not be the best investment for people who live in cloudy climates, harnessing the power of the sun while your car is sitting while you work can be a great way to save time and money. money.


Water Resistant - The best tire pressure monitoring systems are waterproof. After all, your vehicle covers the best and the worst terrain. Therefore, you need to make sure that your tire pressure monitoring system does not break if you splash into a puddle of rain. Check this function if you are concerned about water damage failure.


Display size and shape - Manufacturers equip their tire pressure monitoring systems with head units of various shapes and sizes. Most of these head units fit into the cigarette lighter socket. Some are more square while others are more rectangular. The best tire pressure monitoring systems have additional features like USB charging ports.


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